What is Smart Film?


Electrically switchable smart glass, also called Smart Film,is a kind of smart switchable film installed on the glass with self-adhesive or glue, which is capable of adjusting light transmission from transparent to opaque with or without power. Without power, the glass is opaque but when power is applied it will turn transparent. In this way, Smart Film can create flexible privacy, save energy and generate business value for common glass curtains and cubicles.

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Winmin Smart Film


Our smart films are made, researched and developed in Taiwan so that we can provide customized services in line with customer's needs, quality of the highest standard and the most economical price to our customers.

  • Anti-UV, IR shielding

    Anti-UV, IR shielding

  • Privacy/Open


  • Video projection

    Video projection

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

    Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction

  • High explosion proof

    High explosion proof

  • Most economical price

    Most economical price

  • Perfect fit

    Perfect fit

  • Made in Taiwan

    Made in Taiwan